Bug Discover | Solutions


  • Open Discover program

    Organizations who prefer to open up to collective intelligence can choose open discover program. Open discover program allows any security researcher to report vulnerability on any application listed in the BugDiscover platform. Successful detection of vulnerability will be validated by our program manager and submitted to the companies for fixing.

  • Private Discover Program

    A program based on invite-only Initiative.

    Some organizations prefer early bird testing before going live and some feel not to have a huge crowd on their application. Private discover program allows organizations to choose which researcher can participate in their program based on their ranking or take support from BugDiscover manager to choose the best from the list.

  • Zero Discover Program

    Bug Discover Zero Discover Program has been designed for security researchers to make responsible vulnerability disclosure in a secured way. Zero Discover program of Bug Discover helps researchers to perform their responsibility to secure an organization without compromising their identity.

  • Team Discover Program

    Team Discover Program is designed for organizations which require suggestions on what are their security needs and what kind of security solutions has to be deployed for them. This Program provides technical team assistance, collaborating with organization to process a complete cyber intelligence program and help identifying their business risk and provide the right solutions.

Program Features

BugDiscover helps preventing incidents of widespread abuse by enabling self-help through collaboration platform.